• How do I get to the venue?


  • What’s the meetings agenda?


  • How can I follow the meeting if I’m not in the room?

Via live stream or mumble. More info about this will come.

  • Is there any planned social events outside of the meeting?

There’s no planned social event, but there will be time to do stuff, see the schedule further down.

  • Which meals are included?

Sandwiches on Friday afternoon, dinner on Friday night, breakfast, lunch and dinner on Saturday is included.

  • I have failed to inform you that I am allergic/vegetarian/other. What do I do?

Speak to Janni about it when you register at the venue.

  • Do they have wifi at the venue?


  • Who is allowed to participate and vote in the meeting?

The delegates can vote in the meeting, people who have signed up to the meeting via email can attend. Remember to register when you get to the Pyramid.

  • How do I know if I’m part of the visitors group?

If you have spoken to Mattias Bjärnemalm about it, and he has confirmed, you are. You should also have received an email about the visit.

  • Will I get reimbursement and how much is it?

If you’re part of the the visitors group you’ll get reimbursement, the amount depends on from where you’ll travel. You will have received an email about how to claim reimbursement.

  • Who can I vote for in the board elections?

The nominated people you can find here: europeanpirateparty.eu/index.php/board-candidates/

  • What’s the schedule for the weekend?

Something like this:


10:30 Foregathering outside of the European parliament for those who’s in the visitors group.

11:00 Visitors group at the European parliament.

15:00-15:30 Registration for the meeting and sandwiches

16:00 Meeting starts at Pyramid.

Around 20:00 The meeting breaks off for the day




09:00? Breakfast at Pyramid

10:00 The meeting continues


Around 17:00 The meeting’s finished



If you have any other questions you can reach Mattias Bjärnemalm at +46 70 438 50 46.

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