in accordance with the will of the first Council meeting the board has led a working group to propose statute changes to make it possible to move the association to Luxembourg, as well as a more comprehensive overhaul of the statutes, with a special attention to those proposals that was put to the council to consider. This working group can today present a first draft of these two proposals (se link below).

The process from now on is outlined as following:

  • 30.7. first version is out!
  • 14.8. deadline for the input on statutes
  • 19.8. second version of statutes (will be put on web)
  • 24.8. deadline for the input on statutes
  • 28.8. statutes sent to board for approval
  • 30.8. board sends statute proposals to members

So we hereby open for comments on the proposed changes.

Draft 2.0 – Only the changes neccessary to move the association to Luxembourg

Draft 3.0 – Full proposal

General comments can be posted here. And specific comments in the respective documents. Questions can be emailed to A clean version of the current statutes can be found here.

The working group is comprised of Mattias Bjärnemalm, Sven Clement, Antonios Motakis, vojtěch pikal and stefan thöni





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