What exactly are Values of a Two-Year College or university.

Highly developed instruction in this country is efficiently becoming a need inside the company group rather then an extravagance. From the earlier the people who had a secondary university workout even now had the possibility to fabricate a superior globe for on their own as well as their family members. All those times are very […]

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Smári McCarthy: Iceland, the Pirate Party and the Panama Papers

The release of the Panama Papers – 11.5 million documents leaked from the database of Panama-based law firm Mossack Fonseca – has resulted in waves of stories exposing the hidden wealth of politicians, celebrities and other influential figures. Three Icelandic ministers are listed as owners of offshore companies registered in tax havens.

You can read […]

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EU proposal on trade secrets a threat to Whistleblowers



In many of the biggest political scandals of the past months – Luxleaks, Dieselgate and now the Panama Papers – we saw trade secret laws abused as a shield against investigation and exposure of how corporations are harming the public good, avoiding taxes and endangering public safety. Whistleblowers find themselves fighting for […]

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What exactly are Values of the Two-Year University.

Sophisticated education and learning within this nation is speedily turning into a necessity while in the internet marketing business group in contrast to an extravagance. On the past the people who had a secondary faculty working out even now had the prospect to manufacture a outstanding earth for on their own and their households. People […]

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Invitation to the Second Council meeting 2015

Dear Members,          As was decided at the Council Meeting in Brussels earlier this year the European Pirates will hold an additional Council Meeting online to review and decide upon statute changes that will move the seat of the organization to Luxembourg.          After some delay the board is proud to invite our members to […]

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European Pirate Party goes github

To improve efficiency of the work of the board we have recently desided to migrate all our working documents, wiki, storage, and graphic material to Github.

You can find us here!

If you want to contribute to the wiki on Github send an email to Mattias Bjärnemalm and let us know your Github account so […]

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What’s next


The newly elected board would like to express our appreciation for your trust and participation at the first council meeting. The debates and discussions we had were honest and during those two days a lot of things that needed to be said were said and heard.

But now it is time for […]

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New board elected

A new board was elected at the 1st Council Meeting of the European Pirates that took place last 17th and 18th of July.

Smári McCarthy (Pirate Party of Iceland) became the new chairperson.

Muriel Rovira Esteva (Pirates of Catalonia) and Tale Haukbjørk Østrådal (Pirate Party of Norway) were elected as vice-chairpersons, Sven Clement (Pirate […]

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Announcement regarding the observer member applications from 2014

During the 2014 PPEU Founding Conference, the time ran out before it was possible to vote on the admittance of Observer members.

It has been decided to add to the agenda of the July 17-18th 2015 Council meeting a vote on the membership applications that could not be voted on last time. The Board has […]

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