Membership fees, delegates and votes

As we mentioned here, ordinary members of the European Pirate Party can send delegates to the council meeting so that they can vote, provided they are up to date on their membership fees. But what does this mean? Well, it’s all there in the statutes, especially Art. 13 and 15, but for the sake of transparency […]

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Invitation to the 1st Annual PPEU Council Meeting Brussels 17/18 July 2015

Please help spread this invitation far and wide!
Invitation to the 1st Annual PPEU Council Meeting
Dear European Pirates, The Board for the European Pirate Party would like to invite you to the very first council meeting in the history of our organization. This meeting will be held in Brussels on July 17 […]

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Save the date! 1st council meeting of PP-EU on July 17-18

On July 17-18 2015, the 1st Council Meeting in the history of PP-EU will be held in Brussels.

If you’re looking forward to come and join us, put the date in your calendar. If you are an ordinary member, you should start discussing your nomination process for your delegates.

An official invitation with further details […]

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