During the 2014 PPEU Founding Conference, the time ran out before it was possible to vote on the admittance of Observer members.

It has been decided to add to the agenda of the July 17-18th 2015 Council meeting a vote on the membership applications that could not be voted on last time. The Board has received a couple of new observer membership applications for 2015, and proposes to the Council to vote on all these applications, past and new, early during the Council meeting.

However, we are having trouble to gather the detailed list and the documents sent by Observer member candidates in 2014. Therefore we would like to ask the organizations that ran candidate and still wish to join the European Pirates to send again their application for Observer membership.

There is no deadline for running candidate to PPEU membership apart from the Council meeting’s opening itself, but the sooner will be the better, to let enough time to Council delegates to get the position of their respective Pirate Party. It also means that entirely new membership applications are still possible too.

We are looking forward to welcome your pirate-friendly organizations in the PPEU !

The PPEU Board

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